Familiarity with a variety of hotels

Familiarity with a variety of hotels

Perhaps this question has come to you many times when the terms used in hotels mean? What is the difference between FB and All? What is the difference between the Twin bed and the King? What does Resort mean?

In this article, we have tried to provide you with more complete information in this field. Follow us.

Pension Hotel

Such hotels are located in the city and have a number of dining rooms and dining rooms that can provide food for the residents of the rooms. The library and study room and the room for watching television are anticipated and prepared. Typically, there are no facilities inside the boarding rooms or the smallest and most minor facilities. There is usually a private bathroom in the guest rooms. Pensions usually rent rooms on a monthly or annual basis and do not accept customers who are not members of the hotel in their restaurant. Accordingly, the lounge's dining room is usually limited to the needs of the rooms. Pensions are subject to special rules and regulations that passengers are required to do. For example, breakfast, lunch and dinner have a certain amount of time that travelers should come to the dining hall for meals at this time. One of the other rules that are common in the boarding house is the arrival and departure hours, and is closed in the pension after a certain time.

Apartment Hotel

The hotel is a place where guests will be accommodated while staying in the hotel. The difference in hotel accommodation with other hotels is in terms of reception rates and the amount of service that staff members can provide to travelers. For example, in the hotel, there are cooking utensils and there is no need for the restaurant. Hence, staying in an apartment hotel is much like renting an apartment, with the difference that there is no rental agreement, and the passenger can check-in and leave the hotel at any time. Usually, they are priced from the hotels of the same row. Lower is the traveler they choose to consider as your home, which is temporarily away from their original place of residence. Therefore, everything that is provided at home can be provided at the hotel as well. Other than the hotel's differences with other hotels, the rules are. Unlike others who are in difficulty, hotel apartments have high flexibility and are very different types of apartments. They are usually made like hotels and have plenty of apartments. The period of stay is very different and varies from days to months.

Resort Hotel

Resorts of hotels or resting hotels have unique and unique amenities that are typically located in places of relaxation, such as along the beach, spa springs or attractions such as the ski resort and pristine nature. . The difference between hotels and resorts is in their location, facilities, entertainment and services. Resorts usually have larger space than hotels and offer more diverse entertainment, including water parks or large outdoor swimming pools, including recreational snacks.

In these hotels, an individual has been identified to carry passengers' luggage and accompanies them to their rooms. Room features should be of a moderate degree from room lighting to space and furniture. Hotel restaurants usually offer more services and more varied menus. Room cleaning is provided every hour of the day that the traveler wants. Parking is also usually available at these hotels. Most of the four-star hotels have sports facilities and a swimming pool. The four-star hotel lobby has larger space and more sitting space.

In addition to the above description of various hotels, there are also other types of hotels, all of which are listed below:

Commercial Hotel

‎ Sub-urban Hotel

Urban Hotel

Atrium Hotel

Meca Hotel

Convention Hotel

‎ Air port Hotel

Lodging Type Hotel

Night Clup Hotel

Super Lux Hotel

Suite Hotel

BungalowSuite Hotel


Motor inn

‎ Budget inn

Resort Hotel

‎ Apartment Hotel

Time Sharing Hotel

Condominium Hotel

Boarding House

Guest House



Hotel Cazino

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Types of rooms in hotels

Office Suite

Conference Suite

Mini Suite

Junior Suite

Deluxe Suite

Vip Suite

Doublex Suite

Imperial Suite

Pent house Suite

Fiesta Suite

Dolcevita Suite

Single Suite





Connected Room

Remote Function

Balcony Room

Room With Private Pool

Banquet Room

Family Room

Family Units

Room With Bath

Woods View Room

Room Without Bath


In this article, we tried to familiarize you with a variety of hotels and features to choose the right option while traveling to choose your location.


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