Hotel and related terms

Hotel and related terms

Maybe it is time for you to come up with words and words when booking a hotel that you do not know or misunderstand. So come along with this article to get you started with these terms.

Types of rooms

Single room: One single room, also called single, has a single bed and is abbreviated to the SGL mark.

Double room: double room or twin room; in fact, double is a room with a double bed and Twin room with two separate beds and is indicated by the symbol DBL.

double room

Triple Room: Triple Room with 3 single beds or a single bed and a double bed are interlaced with the TPL sign.

Triple Room

Cabana: There is also a room, which opens to the window that connects to the swimming pool. A resident of such a room can use their own room to change clothes.

Suite: It is said that the front of the room is in front of the reception and behind the bedroom; in some hotels there is a reception room on the lower and a few steps above the bedroom and bathroom (duplex). Of course The suite also has a small kitchen.

Fiesta Suite: These suites are usually located in hotels with a wedding salon, and after the end of the wedding, the bride and groom will go to rest and sleep. Usually the costs of this suite are included in the cost of the wedding and are not separate.

Connected Room: Connected Room is said to be two nesting rooms, and both rooms are in the main hallway of the hotel, each of which has a single room and a separate bathroom, these two rooms with one in the middle Connected. If a family of four would ask for such a room, the children will stay in the same room and parents in the other room; the interesting feature of the Connecticut is that people can go without the main doorway Open, through the middle door of the two rooms can be connected.

Types of beds in the hotel

In addition to the rooms, the beds also have a separate name for you to learn more, the name of which will be mentioned below.

Extra Bed-Folding Bed

Some families have a shortage of beds due to the high number of members in hotels, so they should use beds with a folding bed. These beds are available in all types of hotels, and these beds are available to the rooms based on the statistics that the reception is responsible for the staff.

These beds can be upgraded, and while the bed is at the passenger's disposal, they get extra money for the bed.

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baby's bed

Tourists who go to the hotel with their children need a baby bed. Because the adult bed is not suitable for children, and the child's chance of falling to bed on a regular basis, especially for adults.

These types of beds are also added to the rooms during the explanations mentioned above, and the extra passengers get paid for it. Also, the child's bed has a linen mattress to prevent moisture from reaching the mattress to the mattress.

Other types of beds in hotels are as follows:

Bed- parlor


Convertible Couch

Sleeping Couch

Folding-up bed

‎ Roll-A-Way-Bed




Twin Double

‎ Queen Size

King Size

Double- Double Bed

‎ Water Bed

Bunk Beds

Other hotel related terms


Check-in means the arrival of the hotel and the delivery of the room. Different hotels have special rules for checking. For example, consider a specific time to deliver the room. The delivery time is generally 14 (2 pm).

You wait a bit after arriving at the hotel and delivering your personal documents, then you will arrive in your room at a certain time.


it relates to when the traveler must deliver his room and leave the hotel. Hotels are usually checked out at 12 noon.


When you are at the hotel, you can request a room or suite cleaning. There is a section called House Kiping or Housekeeping at the hotel that performs this task. To clean your room, you can hang the door pendant, labeled "Make Up," or "Clean" or "cleaned" when you leave the room and the hotel. As a result, housekeeping personnel will understand your request and clean your room.

In this article, we've tried to make you more familiar with the most commonly used terms in the hotels, so that you do not have to deal with the situation.

Samen Hotel wishes you a great stay.

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